Sadie made her debut early on in “Where the Devil Dwells” where she was saved from a burning building by Nightcat.  While on scene she heard a woman screaming out to save her baby.  Once in the building, she heard was sounded like a baby crying, only to discover it was a siamese kitten in distress.  Once they were both safe outside, Sadie’s owner saw how the kitten was taking a liking to Nightcat, she gave the kitten to her.  Nightcat originally protested the idea, knowing, but not admitting to the fact that her condo complex has a no-pet policy.  Nightcat finally agreed to adopt her, and shortly after that, brought her to Detective David Rayner’s house.  He offered to take her in saying Sadie could live at his place and still be her cat, and half jokingly stated that it would be more incentive for Dana (Nightcat’s alter ego) to visit more often. Sadie is shy around everyone except Nightcat, even in her human form.  Sadie prefers to spent her time hiding under the couch in the living room.  She loves snuggling with Nightcat, and it was because of her purring, that Nightcat discovered she could also purr.