Det. David Rayner

Full Name: David James Rayner



Off duty, David is generally soft spoken in nature but is more than capable of being assertive when he’s working. He first met Nightcat during a drug bust that had gone awry. While Nightcat saved his life, he was at first apprehensive and leery of her, although she quickly gained his trust. Since their initial encounter, the two have become increasingly close and implicitly trust one another with their lives.

David has a sense of humor and is a caring individual. He constantly worries about Dana’s welfare when she’s out as Nightcat, and while it sometimes irks her, she usually finds it endearing.

David’s biggest, and perhaps only, vice is coffee and is unable to function without it. He’s not a picky eater although he generally doesn’t like to eat donuts because of the negative stereotype associated with it. He is a very organized and neat individual, but not obsessively so. David is pretty easy going when it comes to what’s on TV but he tries to stay away from crime dramas because of the horrible inaccuracies — unless, of course, he’s looking for a good laugh. He does enjoy true crime documentaries or pretty much any sporting event that’s being broadcast.

David is the middle child of Barbara and Kevin Rayner. David’s oldest brother John, also a cop, was killed in the line of duty several years before the events in “The Darkness of Shadows”.

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