Alex Harker

Full Name: Alexander Gerald Harker



Alex is the first child of Gerald and Helen Harker, and is 9 years older than his sister, Dana. As a young boy, when Alex was told he’d be getting a younger sister, he was excited about the news, and after Dana’s birth, he was as involved with her care as he could be. They never went to the same school together due to the large age difference, but the school kids knew not to mess with Dana. Even as they grew into adulthood, Alex and Dana’s relationship remained strong.

At age 21, he married his high-school sweetheart, Clarice. At 23, they welcomed their first child, Rachel.

A year prior to Dana becoming Nightcat, Alex and Clarice went out to a New Year’s Eve party. The two would normally take turns being the designated driver for various functions they went to, but that particular time Alex insisted he would drive. On their way home, their vehicle got hit by an underage drunk driver who had borrowed their parents’ car. Clarice died while Alex sustained minor injuries. He continues to struggle with survivor’s guilt and as a result has become far more protective of Rachel, which has caused some negative impacts on her social life.

Alex is a firm, but gentle parent with Rachel. In Clarice’s absence, Dana has stepped in as a mother figure for Rachel, often having her over when Alex’s over-bearing nature gets too overwhelming for Rachel.

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