Darren Riley


  • was hired by Dana of Nytech Industries
  • had a hard time talking to her at first, had  a bit of a crush on her
  • early in his career he did ask her out, to which she declined as she doesn’t date anyone from work
  • good at his job
  • works in marketing/design  does up the advertisements/media etc for the company
  • reviewed Paige Brooks’ work when Dana was looking to hire her.  Was quite impressed with Paige’s portfolio
  • won a contest where he got to go out with Nightcat for supper, but they were kicked out due to a no-pet policy
  • Nervous around Nightcat because he idolizes her
  • once asked Dana for advice on what to do on the “date” with Nightcat  Wanted to know if he should keep it casual or give her a token gift etc…
  • when he/nightcat were kicked out of the restaurant they went to McDonald’s instead where they ran into David Rayner.  Darren gave his gift card to him saying he could take Dana there cause he didn’t have anyone to take to the aforementioned restaurant
  • is a big fan of Nightcat
  • when he met her at work in WTDD he was so enamoured by her, he could barely ask to get her autograph

Appearances (in alphabetical order)