Dr. Trinity Summers

Full Name: Trinity Hope Summers



Trinity first met Dana Harker when they were in second grade. A student by the name of Tommy Carpenter took one of Trinity’s dolls. Dana forcibly made him give it back and apologize. Since that incident they have been, and remained, best friends.

Trinity, or Trin as she’s sometimes called, is a very compassionate person. Normally a bit of a worrywart, now that her best friend is out fighting crime she worries that there will come a time where she can’t help Nightcat medically.

Trinity is fun loving and carefree otherwise, and is a self admitted shop-a-holic, going so far as buying catnip for Dana as a joke. Dana and Trinity’s personality are rather different, but they find they balance each other out. When Trinity worries, Dana rationalizes the situation which calms Trinity down. And Trinity ensures Dana doesn’t become a hermit by insisting on having a life outside of her work.

Trinity may not know as much about Nightcat’s biology as Dr. Bertram, but she is recording Nightcat’s medical norms for reference. And while her knowledge isn’t as extensive as Bertram’s, Trinity is Dana’s go-to person for anything medical. If it’s deemed out of Trinity’s scope of knowledge, only then will Dana seek out Bertram’s help.

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