Full Name: Sarah Marie Rayner



As a child, Sarah was very much enthralled by Nightcat, much to the amusement of her mother. Dana’s best friend, Trinity, also had a hand in that she would routinely give Sarah any Nightcat toys she could find.

As Nightcat, Dana did try to distance herself from her daughter and only on a few occasions interacted with Sarah as a child. Sarah very much looked up to Nightcat and was so star-struck that she was very shy around her.

Sarah wasn’t aware of her mother’s dual life but she knew of her father’s professional connection to Nightcat. She thought nothing of it until she accidentally walked in on David cozying up to Nightcat and it was then David and Nightcat told Sarah the truth.

Sara was so overcome with emotion that she herself changed into cat form, which shocked both her parents as they were led to believe such a thing was impossible if Dana remained in human form during her pregnancy.

David was initially reluctant to have Sarah follow in her mother’s pawprints but decided it would be best if she was trained by her mother in order to maximize her crime-fighting knowledge and lessen the risk of injury.

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