Rachel Harker

Rachel was her aunt’s first relative that found out she was Nightcat. Rachel was spending the night at Dana’s condo and when she got up in the middle of the night found herself face-to-face with Nightcat. Not realizing it was her aunt, she tried to scare off her “attacker” with an ornamental sword on the wall. Nightcat reverted to her human self to convince Rachel who she was.

Rachel and Dana’s relationship was always close, but was strengthened when Rachel’s mother died. Rachel finds it hard to cope with the loss, but remains grateful for Dana’s willingness to step into a motherly role. The two often hang out together, with Rachel even spending nights over.

Rachel loves her father, but is annoyed and confused to his overprotectiveness since her mother’s passing. She feels like her social life has suffered because of Alex’s seemingly strict rules.

Of all of the Harker family, Rachel is the one that had the easiest time dealing with her aunt’s alter-ego and the strain it put on Dana’s ability to keep appointments.

Currently, Dana is teaching Rachel to drive in her Honda civic as opposed to Alex’s large SUV. The car sustained a few scratches but Dana never worried about it, merely seeing it as a learning experience for Rachel.