Inspector Lance Sorowski



A veteran police officer, Inspector Sorowski is the typical middle-aged, gruff cop who’s seen it all. Early in his career, he worked as a School Resource Officer, and went around to the various schools to discuss topics like Stranger Danger, drugs, and bullying. Back when Sorowski was a Constable, he was quite a bit more upbeat and positive in his attitude.

Tragedy struck his family hard several years later. His son was involved in a workplace accident that left his physically and mentally disabled, putting great strain on his relationship with him and his wife. Sorowski was a workaholic but after the incident he became even more obsessed with work, trying to ease the pain. His wife left him shortly after and became a full time caregiver to her son.

Some time after, are more details on the accident became apparent, Sorowski discovered that one of his son’s co-workers attempted to save him, which inadvertently caused more injuries.

All of these factors made Sorowski into the gruff no-nonsense cop he is today. He is a good cop, albeit rough around the edges.

When he first met Nightcat, he was quite dismissive with her and made it plain that she should leave crime-fighting to trained professionals. However, much of this attitude was his fear that anyone else should suffer the same fate as his son. Over time as he’s gotten to get to know Nightcat more, he has slowly become more accepting of her help, though he still likes to give her a hard time.

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