Eye Robot (Short Story)





  • Metahumans vs Robots
  • Legends and Legacies

Metahuman vs Robots

The war between good and evil rages on, but new combatants have risen to take up the fight.

The fate of mankind rests on the shoulders of a chosen few.

On the side of good are the metahumans, men and women gifted – or cursed – with extraordinary powers. Now they find themselves pitted against machines intent on destroying the human race; robots and androids every bit as diverse as mankind but infinitely deadlier, possessing unimaginable strength, speed and weaponry. The metahumans are the only beings of flesh and blood able to stand against these high-tech instruments of evil. When meta meets metal, who will survive?

Features stories by Jeffrey Allen Davis, Frank Dirscherl, Lorne Dixon, Keith Gouveia, T.W. Johnson, Sean N. Koury, J.L. MacDonald, Greg Mitchell, Gina Ranalli, Jim Robb, Stephen J. Semones and Scott Story.

Legends and Legacies

Taken against her will, Dana Harker was transformed into a human-cat hybrid known as Nightcat. With police detective David Rayner at her side, she patrols the streets of Grace City, keeping the residents safe from whatever evil lurks in the shadows.

Grace City, the first frontier.

These are the adventures of the mutant cat hybrid Nightcat.

Her continuing mission:

To explore the depths of criminal stupidity,

To seek out new miscreants and new felonious organizations

To boldly go where she has likely gone before.

You know, because criminal activity tends to reoccur in certain areas.


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