Nightcat is the alter ego of Dana Harker and the protagonist in the Nightcat(1) series written by J.L. MacDonald. The Nightcat Universe, affectionately known as the Kittyverse, is very similar to our own, albeit with the existence of several human hybrids including Nightcat. Even though the creation of such beings based on science, it’s still a rare occurrence. Since being forced to undergo the procedure to make her Nightcat, she has since come to terms with that part of her and is slowly learning to accept, and even embrace, it.



Dana Harker, age 28, is the second child of Gerald and Helen Harker. Dana holds a BSc and an MBA, and works as a computer consultant employed by Nytech Industries in her hometown, Grace City, a fictional community modeled after London, Ontario, Canada.

One day on her way home from the office, Dana is kidnapped and subjected to an experimental medical procedure in which her DNA is combined with that of several species of large predatory cat, and microscopic computers called nanites are introduced into her blood stream. As a result, she is able to morph at will between her human form and that of an anthropomorphic cat. She soon uses her newly-acquired powers to escape her captors.

Due to her physical appearance Nightcat is initially feared by the authorities, but she soon proves herself to them and becomes a valuable ally in the fight against crime in Grace City.


Nightcat and her alter ego, Dana Harker, more or less have the same personality as they are in fact the same person. As Nightcat, however, she will sometimes play dumb in the sense of not admitting how much knowledge she possesses on a certain subject. Nightcat and Dana both share the same sense of humour and wit, though Nightcat is a bit more outgoing. In an effort to keep those around her safe, Nightcat is reserved when it comes to her personal life and doesn’t offer too many details. The public knows of her connection to Detective David Rayner, but it is sometimes difficult for Nightcat to hide her true feelings. Dana and David are seeing each other and in order to keep a distance from her alter ego, Nightcat has to pretend that he is merely a friend. When she is alone with David she can be very coy, sultry and romantic.

Publication History


The Darkness of Shadows

Dana Harker, a senior systems designer and a self professed workaholic, was abducted and forcefully underwent a risking and potentially lethal procedure to turn her into the ultimate spy: Nightcat. That was the end goal for her captor, Raphael, a humanoid man bat. But Dana had other plans.

After freeing herself from the confines of the lab, she wanted nothing more than to rid herself of the alternate persona that was bestowed upon her. But first, she had to go back to that very lab and dismantle the operation, making sure no one would ever have to go through the pain and suffering she did.

Raphael, fuelled with revenge, would stop at nothing to regain control over her.

Where the Devil Dwells

Seemingly back from the dead, Nightcat’s greatest and most powerful foe proposes a truce. Reluctantly she agrees, but soon finds herself seeking his help in dealing with Laura Sheedy, a reporter determined to reveal Nightcat’s secret identity, and Wraith, a mysterious figure hell-bent on making Nightcat his partner or, failing that, his victim. But an even greater challenge lies in store for Nightcat, one which threatens her very existence…

Short Stories

The following were written as stand-alone stories and are listed in publication order.

Eye Robot

Originally published in Lion’s Share Press’ Metahumans vs Robots anthology (ISBN 0991969170)

Burden of Proof

After months of working alongside Detective David Rayner and the Grace City Police Department, Nightcat now finds herself wanted for murder. The police have orders: to bring her in, dead or alive. She must clear her name and find the true killer — with or without David’s help.

Marked for Death

Someone wants Nightcat, Grace City’s resident superhero, dead and she doesn’t know who or why. She finds herself being forced to team up with her arch-nemesis Raphael in order to find the answer. Whether this makes her predicament better or worse remains to be seen.

Night(cat) of the Living Dead

Originally published in Coscom Entertainment’s Metahumans vs the Undead anthology (ISBN 1927339006)

Blood of the Cat

Originally published in Coscom Entertainment’s Metahumans vs Werewolves anthology (ISBN 1927339340)

Power, Skills and Equipment

Enhanced senses increased strength (current limit unknown but is able to lift over 2 tons) cat-like agility increased pain tolerance healing factor which also makes her more resistance to injury or poisons increased stamina and speed (able to run up to 100 kph for short distances), sixth sense that warns her of danger ability to morph into a secret identity due to the nanites inherent in her blood stream wrist cuffs are able to deploy a grappling hook in which she can use as a weapon or more commonly, to swing from building to building Nightcat’s powers include enhanced senses, strength, agility, stamina, and speed. She has a high tolerance to pain, and a healing factor which makes her resistant to injury and poisonous substances. Her costume incorporates metal wrist cuffs which can deploy various restraining devices as well as a grappling hook and cable that Nightcat uses for travel and, on occasion, as a weapon.

Appearances (in alphabetical order)