Legends and Legacies

Taken against her will, Dana Harker was transformed into a human-cat hybrid known as Nightcat. With police detective David Rayner at her side, she patrols the streets of Grace City, keeping the residents safe from whatever evil lurks in the shadows.

Grace City, the first frontier.

These are the adventures of the mutant cat hybrid Nightcat.

Her continuing mission:

To explore the depths of criminal stupidity,

To seek out new miscreants and new felonious organizations

To boldly go where she has likely gone before.

You know, because criminal activity tends to reoccur in certain areas.





“Tales of Nightcat are adventures, they are strange passions and they are familiar all at the same time. You more devour these stories rather than read them and at the end of each you simply want more; always more.” -Robert N Stephenson

..”. a very talented writer. Her feline superhero Nightcat is interestingly complex, comprised of a mix of a feisty senior systems designer and action/adventurer. Her adventures are fraught with action, danger, (and sometimes) romance; oh, and Nightcat also leads an interesting and exciting life as well.” -Robert J. Sodaro Comicbook Historian, and wicked-funny nice guy

“It’s always fun to turn the ‘damsel in distress’ trope on its head. Nightcat is a fun, flirty hero with a heart of gold.” -Jeffrey Allen Davis, Author of the Adventure Chronicles