Kurt Harker

Kurt Harker was born mere days after Dana first became Nightcat. Unbeknownst to her at the time, she was impregnated during the procedure to transform her to Nightcat. The pregnancy was planned by Raphael in order to compare the differences between a created cat hybrid vs one that was genetically engineered.

Mere minutes after Kurt’s birth, Raphael tried to have Nightcat killed but failed. When Nightcat confronted Raphael, he lied and said that Kurt died due to his accelerated aging. Nightcat was reunited with her adult son in his cat form when she stumbled across him robbing an ATM. Raphael had told Kurt that his mother abandoned him, so on their first meeting he was filled with rage. Nightcat attempted to reconnect with him, but ended up getting beaten up in the process. Not wanting to hurt him, she let Kurt escape.

When Kurt got back to the lab, he did some investigating and found out what his mother told him was true. In his human form he went to her condo to make amends.

Kurt inherited all of Nightcat’s abilities, and more of Dana’s personality than Victor’s. When Kurt is nervous he unknowingly starts using his father’s verbal inflections.

He know that while his birth wasn’t planned, his mother would do anything for him, even risking her life to save his. That being said, he laments that he didn’t have a normal childhood.

He tolerates his father, but only marginally. Kurt dislikes his alter ego and rarely goes out in cat form. It is sometimes an arguing point between him and his mother due to opposing viewpoints on their respective abilities.