Dana Harker




Dana is pretty easy going and even though she keeps to herself, she possesses the necessary people skills required for her job as a consultant. She’s quite good at managing user expectations. She is diplomatic in her approach but she doesn’t sugar coat things either. She tells it like it is. Outside of the office, she handles difficult people in a more firm matter, often using logic to point out flaws in an argument.

Dana tends to keep her private life private and doesn’t usually show a lot of PDA with David Rayner, her boyfriend. When they are alone, she is quite amorous, affectionate and cheeky with him.

Dana has a good sense of humour and doesn’t get offended easily. It takes a lot to anger her, and has even found herself unknowingly morphing in to Nightcat when really enraged. She is good at restraining herself physically. It’s only since becoming as Nightcat that she sometimes deals with conflicts with violence. This is reserved for bouts between her and Raphael. She never uses excessive force on humans.

Character Biography

Early Years

Dana is the second child of Gerald and Helen Harker, Alex Harker being the first. Nearly a decade between them, Alex was able and more than willing to help care for Dana when she was a child, often volunteering to take on the role of babysitter. While very close, there was a friendly sibling rivalry between them as Dana grew.

Alex was far more quiet as a child, whereas Dana was rather boisterous and active, which occasionally challenged her parents’ patience. Her father generally took it in stride, while her mother found it a bit more difficult.

As Dana and Alex grew into adulthood, they often joked about him being the favourite child.

Technology came easy to her and at one point in her high-school student career, she expressed interest in being a database administrator, or at the very least going into the field of IT, much to the chagrin of her mother who would have preferred her to choose a more prolific career.

After graduating with a computer science degree and a minor in business admin, Dana was hired by NyTech industries as a program tester and occasional programmer. In less than 5 years she moved up and became one of NyTech’s top consultants.

The Darkness of Shadows

It’s in this novel that Dana Harker is abducted on her way home from work, and forcibly turned into Nightcat. DUring her time at the lab she meets Paige Brooks, another experiment, and helps mount their escape.

Where the Devil Dwells

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