Victor R. Whitmoore

Full Name: Victor R. Whitmoore



ictor is very secretive of his personal life, especially his early years. He was born and raised in a small rural town in Georgia by an abusive single father.

As a child he was tall and lanky so when he became an adolescent, he decided to bulk up in an effort to quell his father’s abuse. Victor was an excellent student, and highly involved with school, mostly to give him an excuse to be away from home for long periods. Once Victor finished high school, he applied to universities in Canada in the hopes of getting as far away from his father as he could and to start a new life. It was in Canada where he went by the name Victor R. Whitmoore and passed himself off as a much higher social class than he really was.

In university, he met his future wife, Anastasia. The two of them became friends, fell in love, and married several months into their relationship.

Victor also met Robert Bertram at university. Bertram was a brilliant student and was involved with an organization that was doing ground breaking research. He invited Victor many times over, but Victor kept declining until his wife was diagnosed with cancer some time later. Only then did Victor consider, and eventually consent to, being a part of the research. The premise was to discover how bats are able to heal their torn wings so quickly, and that eventually led Victor to undergoing the procedure that turned him into Raphael.

Her cancer ended up going into remission without the help of the research, and many years later, was well enough to conceive a child with Victor, whom they named Ariana.

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